Photogpedia FAQ

I get a lot of emails asking questions, so I thought I’d develop a FAQ that I can point people to. I’ll keep adding to this page as questions arise.

About Photogpedia

Financial status

Photogpedia is a free educational resource for photographers. The website is currently operating at a loss. To meet the growing costs of mantaining the website, we joined the Amazon affiliate scheme in September 2020.

Expenses currently include: hosting, backups, CDN, support, plugins and updates to the site.

If you have any questions about how Photogpedia is funded, or how you might be able to help, please get in touch.

Support Photogpedia

If you want to show your appreciation for the content, then please link to us and share our articles on your own blog, website, or through social media.

Donate to the Project

If you wish to make a donation to help with website operating costs or just to say thank you for an article you read, then head over to our PayPal donation page.

Alternatively, next time you order something through Amazon (even if it’s not photography related) use the following Amazon link. This will cost you nothing but will help the site earn advertising revenue.

You can learn more about the Amazon affiliate scheme by reading our Affiliate Disclosure page.

Copyright policy

Copyright-protected photos are showcased in accordance with fair use principle:

  • as historically significant artworks
  • as used for informational and educational purposes
  • as readily available on the internet
  • as low-resolution copies unsuitable for commercial use (max resolution of 100kb)

All material for educational and non-profit purposes only. Any copyrighted material mirrored on this site is intended for private personal study. All original photographs and articles are copyright to their respective owners.

Copyright owners may, if they wish, request to have material removed by emailing me at hello(at) or by using the contact form.

Ideally, we would welcome an opportunity to work with you by either watermarking any photos or decreasing the file size to the lowest quality possible (the max file size of all photos is currently less than 100kb).

Refer to our terms of use for full information about how we handle copyright infringement.

Why isn’t my favorite photographer listed?

In order to ensure visitors get the best information, each photographers profile takes about week (sometimes longer) to research and write. As there’s only 52 weeks in the year, listing every photographer would take a lifetime for one person.

If you have any interest in writing a profile page yourself and contributing to the website, please email us at hello[at] and register your interest. To find out the type of content we’re currently interested in publishing then read our write for us page.


I’m always open to new ideas on how to improve the website and provide a better user experience for visitors. If you would like to collaborate with Photogpedia on any projects, then send me an email with information about your background and a brief synopsis of your idea (a short paragraph is enough initially.) I’ll let you know either way whether its something that we’re interested in pursuing.

Want to know more about how this website got started and more about my photography? Check out the questions and answers section I did below:

6 Questions with David about Photogpedia

Why did you start Photogpedia? Frustration. I got tired of wasting many hours, searching hundreds of websites to try and find information about photographers I was studying. I thought wouldn’t it be better if all the information was in one place. So was born.

How long have you been developing websites? I started my first website around 2007. I sold it to a web-based developer in 2016. The website is now an authority site and currently the largest in its niche.

When did you launch the website? I started planning the website in November 2019 and it was provisionally launched in January 2020. It takes a long time to create content, especially articles longer than 5000 words. I would say that I’m currently about a month or two behind schedule.

Where do you want to go with this site? I want to profile as many legendary photographers as possible and continue to keep it a free educational resource. Eventually, I want the site to be a community where people can share their experiences. I admire so many photographers and would love an opportunity to do interviews with them about their work and document their photoshoots. I have a long term strategy, but I’m still at the building blocks phase. As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

What don’t you want this site to be? I don’t want it to ever be a gear site or a site where you are told what to do. What I found with my background in training and development is that people learn best through experience, hopefully, the lessons and experiences from the master photographers will guide you in the right direction. Use their advice, experiment, practice and then decide for yourself what works best for you (and most importantly have fun!)

What can visitors do to help the site grow? Keep visiting and sharing the content. If you own a blog or website then link to us or if you’re on Twitter, tweet about us. The more links we have pointing to the website, the more visitors we get, which then means I can then justify spending more time on creating more quality content for the website.

If you would like to write a photographer profile yourself, then send me an email at hello[at]

Final note: I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone that visits Photogpedia. If you’ve found the website useful and it has helped you in some way, then I would love to hear about it. Send me a tweet, message me on Instagram, leave a comment on a post or email me at hello(at)