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Photographer Profiles

These profiles are between 2,500 and 12,000 words and provide a comprehensive overview of the photographers work including full biography, photography techniques, recommended videos, camera gear, and much more.

Richard Avedon
Jane Bown
Terence Donovan
Arthur Fellig (Weegee)
Yousuf Karsh
Stanley Kubrick
Annie Leibovitz
Peter Lindbergh
Don McCullin
Steve McCurry
Daido Moriyama
Helmut Newton
Trent Parke
Norman Parkinson
Herb Ritts
Cindy Sherman
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Garry Winogrand

Snapshot Profiles

These profiles are between 1200 and 2500 words and provide a brief introduction and overview of the photographers work.

Diane Arbus
Michael Kenna
Man Ray

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Photography Quotes and Inspiration

Landscape and Nature Photography
Portrait Photography
Street Photography
Photography Equipment

The 100 Greatest Photography Quotes
What Makes a Good Photograph?
Lessons from Master Painters

Photographer Quotes

The 70 Best Richard Avedon Quotes
25 Stanley Kubrick Quotes for Photographers
80 Annie Leibovitz Quotes on Photography
Peter Lindbergh Quotes for Better Photography
101 Helmut Newton Quotes

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Blog Posts

3 Steps to Becoming a Professional Photographer
50 Movies Every Photographer Should Watch
Gift Ideas for Photographers
The Ultimate Photography Documentary List
The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Gear Acquisition Syndrome

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